Being a Home Equity Retirement Specialist can very fulfilling and rewarding.  This story just makes my work feel so good.

I received a call in late August from Dorothy.  She seemed very distraught because the banker she had talked to told her that she should call me so I could help her.  He told her that she had a choice either to file bankruptcy or get a reverse mortgage.  I met with her and her best friend and discussed what a reverse mortgage could do for her.  She reluctantly decided to go ahead after her friend agreed this would be the best solution.  We completed the application and on Friday August 27 we signed the closing papers one month after we completed the application.  Sitting at her dining table we could smell the pot roast she had cooking along with the cornbread in the cast iron skillet she had just taken out of the oven.  Dorothy continued to be very skeptical throughout the process always thinking something was going to go wrong.  Every time I called her to give her a progress report she was expecting me to be calling her to tell her something was wrong.  I kept reassuring her that all was going well.  She told me that she had not slept at all during this whole process worrying that something was going to go wrong.

This morning I got the word that the loan had funded and gave Dorothy a call to let her know.  Again she thought I was calling to tell her something was wrong.  I told her we had sent money to her bank account as she wanted and we had sent money to pay off her two mortgages.  There was a pause on the other end of the line and I could feel her sigh of relief and excitement that her problems had come to an end.  She could also now pay off the credit card debt that had been hanging over her head as well.  She was almost speechless and kept praising me for saving her life.  I thanked her and told her this is why I love what I do.  I will see Dorothy again soon.  She told me she will sleep so good tonight like someone has knocked her out.




About Marty Appel

I work with clients who are looking to purchase a home or refinance their existing mortgage using the FHA HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage). I have developed a specialty with over 14 years’ experience in reverse mortgages. I pride myself on my ability to assist older homeowners navigate the reverse mortgage process with ease and confidence. I help seniors improve their financial future and remain in their homes. My technical knowledge of FHA rules and lender policies help clients avoid the pitfalls in the loan process experience. My passion and longevity make me an excellent source of valuable information about everything there is to know about a reverse mortgage.
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