Reverse Mortgage Benefits are Shrinking Again

Well, we have seen it before and it is happening again as HUD notifies us that they are going to be limiting the amount older homeowners can receive from the equity in their homes.  The following article appeared in the New York Times and seems to explain it better than most I have seen.

Tighter Rules Will Make It Harder to Get a Reverse Mortgage 

If you have any inkling that this may be good for you or someone you know who may need this, lets get started.  Time is running out on securing maximum benefits in the HECM as it exists today.  Call me at 510.701.2167 or visit my website


About Marty Appel

I work with clients who are looking to purchase a home or refinance their existing mortgage using the FHA HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage). I have developed a specialty with over 14 years’ experience in reverse mortgages. I pride myself on my ability to assist older homeowners navigate the reverse mortgage process with ease and confidence. I help seniors improve their financial future and remain in their homes. My technical knowledge of FHA rules and lender policies help clients avoid the pitfalls in the loan process experience. My passion and longevity make me an excellent source of valuable information about everything there is to know about a reverse mortgage.
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